Transition to All Saints

We understand that transition can be a vulnerable time for some children beginning school.

All Saints works closely with the pre-schools and kindergartens in the local area to support the children’s transition when beginning Reception. We have set up a transition program to help ‘narrow the gap’ between school and home life, by creating calm and welcoming spaces for children to feel comfortable to be themselves.

The children have three visits to the school as part of their orientation. At the visit the children join others beginning for the first time. We try to arrange for the person that will be their class teacher to facilitate the orientation sessions. During this time the children begin to get to know their surroundings and one another.

At the first visit an important meeting is held by the Principal and Deputy Principal for families. This meeting is designed to help families understand more about the school and how they can help their child to settle in happily. It also describes ways that families can assist children with their learning.

Transferring Students

Families moving into the area are also assisted in transition by offering children the opportunity to have a visit prior to starting at All Saints.

We believe that the transition from primary schooling Reception-Year 5 to middle schooling - Year 6 and 7 requires attention. As a result we have initiated a meeting for Year 5 children and their parents and carers. The meeting is held in Term 4 and involves a presentation from the Year 6 and 7 teachers along with some current Year 7 students about this next step in the children’s learning journey.

Cardijn College along with other local high schools provide a transition program for children entering Year 8.

To talk to the School about how your child will transition to All Saints, please feel free to ask through the School office.