Faith in Practice

Faith is an important part of the All Saints community.  It goes beyond religious education in the classroom and includes the following activities.

Enhancing Catholic School Indentity (ECSI) Survey 14 Mar - 6 Apr 2017

Open letter from the Principal

Dear Parent/Carer,

I write to you to invite you to participate in the ECSI Survey which will assist us in better understanding how our Catholic Identity is expressed in work and practice here at All Saints Catholic Primary School.

The Catholic University in Leuven, (Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven) was commissioned by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) to design a process and tools, based on sound research, to accomplish the goal of understanding our current Catholic identity and where the school community might like to see it in the future. Catholic Education SA is a partner in this research.

This survey is a key element in the process and I write to request your participation. The online survey gathers responses from students in Years 5 - 7, all staff, and a representative sample of parents.

You are asked to complete the survey online; it may take you up to an hour to do so. Try not to get caught up in the questions, simply respond intuitively. Keeping a record of your individual User Code and Password will allow you to complete the survey over two or more sessions.

The survey is only available through the project website; please refer to the 'Instructions for Adults Completing the Surveys' below. Your responses to this survey are anonymous.

If you have any questions, please contact me through the Front Office.

Thank you for your consideration of this request and for your anticipated participation.

Yours sincerely

Justin Cavuoto

 Instructions for Adults Completing Surveys - 2017 CESA ECSI Survey.pdf

Religious Education program

The Religious Education curriculum follows the Crossways foundation document as a framework endorsed by Catholic Education South Australia (CESA).  Crossways supports the integration of faith, life and culture by providing a curriculum framework for the development of teaching and learning within the Key Learning Area of Religious Education.


Family masses

Family Masses are a celebration of the All Saints community.  They are celebrated on the second Sunday of the month in each school term at the Seaford Ecumenical Mission (SEM) at 10.45am (but not during school holidays).

Our children are involved in Mass in many ways:

  • Leadership - each month, different year levels are invited to host the Mass.
  • Participation - this may include reading, processing or singing.

All families are welcome to participate in Mass and we encourage you to join us.

Weekly Parish Masses

Weekday Mass is celebrated each Wednesday morning at 9.15am at the SEM centre. Each year level celebrates Mass four times a year and they are rostered to participate in the readings, prayers and singing.

All are welcome to attend Mass followed by some refreshments after Mass.

Whole School Masses

Whole School Masses are a gathering of the whole community in prayer.

All Saints hosts four whole school celebrations per year:

  • the Welcome Mass
  • the Ash Wednesday Mass
  • the Resurrection Mass
  • the Feast of the Assumption of Mary
  • the Feast day of All Saints

The Easter celebrations, such as the Resurrection Mass, change according to the Church calendar and the dates vary from year to year.

Sacramental program

All Saints coordinates the Sacramental program with the Parish of Seaford-Noarlunga for enrolled families.

The Sacraments are:

  • Baptism
    Baptism is available in consultation with Fr Charles Gauci, the parish priest. 
  • Reconciliation
  • Confirmation
    Confirmation is celebrated before First Communion at St Luke’s Church, Noarlunga with the Archbishop. It is the Rite of Confirmation without Mass.
  • First Eucharist
    First Eucharist is celebrated at a weekend Mass at SEM.

Childrens’ readiness and preparation for Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Eucharist is decided by families in conjunction with the Assistant Principal - Religious Identity & Mission (APRIM).

The Sacraments follow a program that includes some after-school workshops and children are supported in the program by added instruction in class.

Please complete the appropriate form (below) if you would like more information on the Sacraments of Initiation.

 Sacramental Program Application 2017 .pdf

Whole School Liturgies

Whole School Liturgies are prayers for a special focus. We come together as a faith community to pray for those in need of care and attention.  These liturgies include:

  • Holy Week - Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday & Good Friday
  • End of Year Liturgy
  • Remembrance Day