Our Story

All Saints Catholic Primary School began in 1994.

We are situated adjacent to the Seaford Ecumenical Centre (SEM) – home to five Christian Churches, Anglican, Catholic, Church of Christ, Lutheran and Uniting, who have come together as congregations to witness to the unity which Jesus Christ desires for his people.

As a Catholic school the school community gathers for prayer services, weekly parish masses and whole school masses throughout the year. The ecumenical focus allows our school community to develop awareness of others knowing and celebrating Christ in their lives within different traditions. The Ministers and Pastors from SEM join us on occasion to celebrate prayer services and liturgies.

In 1996, we developed our current identity. A school logo team, including pioneer families, parish representatives from the Seaford Ecumenical Mission and school leadership selected symbols that they felt identified All Saints and would continue into the future. The colours of the uniform were carried through to the logo as they represented the surrounding hills and sea.

The symbols were selected for their relevance as well as their duality and were combined to form our logo. Those symbols are:

  • The flame – chosen as it represents the local Kaurna dreaming of Tjilbruke (meaning Hidden Fire) as well as representing the Spirit of God among our school community.
  • The cross – chosen as a symbol of Christ in our community. Ours is also an open ended cross to symbolise an open community with no boundaries – picking up on our link to the Seaford Ecumenical Centre (SEM).
  • The water – chosen to symbolise Baptism, a sacrament which unites each Christian denomination present at the Seaford Ecumenical Centre (SEM). The water also symbolises the school’s proximity to the sea and beaches.


Our Story