The safety of the children in our school community is a priority for all of us. We have a number of initiatives to protect their safety.

School grounds

The All Saints school is completely fenced to ensure the children are safe during the school day. There are three gates for entry to and exit from the school, which are closed at around 9.00am and then are opened at about 3.00pm. During the school day access is only via the front office.

All visitors to the school and any parent/carer helpers are required to sign in at the front office and to wear a visitor’s badge while on the school premises.

Car Parking

The safety of our students is our prime concern and therefore we ask that all parents and carers adhere to the car parking guidelines.

The school has access to a number of car parks.  The car park nearest the office is a shared car park with the Seaford Ecumenical Mission (SEM).  We also have a car park near the oval, however this car park is locked at 9:00am.  There is also a small car park to the west of SEM.  We encourage as many families as possible to use the loop which provides our 'kiss & drop' zone for use both morning and afternoon.  Please note you must remain in your vehicle when using the loop, it is not a car park .

Safety for Children - Bullying and Harassment

We protect our children by taking a proactive approach to dealing with bullying and harassment. Our policy details how the school deals with incidents that involve bullying and harassment.

Restoring the relationships between children is an important part of this work while building resilience in students is a powerful way to help children manage situations and empower them to become strong advocates for themselves and others around them.

Protecting children from cyber bullying and e-crime

Cyber safety has become one of the major issues for families.

Education forms a major part of understanding how to keep our children safe in the digital world and this education is as vital to parents and carers as it is to children. As a school we commit to ensuring we continue to learn about the impact of these new technologies. At each year level, the children are educated to learn about their rights and responsibilities that come with digital technology use at school and at home as a citizen of the world.

The school provides information for concerned parents and carers including:

Behaviour Education – Restorative Practice Approach

At All Saints we have created a safe and caring school environment where everyone is valued and respected.

We have an underlying belief in the development of personal responsibility that focuses on building positive relationships based on respect, responsibility and restorative justice through reconciliation.

Our approach to behaviour education is inspired by the philosophy of restorative justice, repairing harm done to relationships and people. It is enshrined in our Personal Responsibility Policy. Our school is driven by the Vision Statement for Catholic Schools, which identifies the Catholic school as a place which witnesses Gospel values.

Electronic Devices & Toys

iPods / MP3 players / electronic toys should not be brought to school.  Mobile phones owned by students are not permitted to be used during school time.  They are to be switched off and placed in the Class Box at the start of the day and sent to the office for safe keeping.  They are returned to students at the end of the school day.

Children are not encouraged to bring toys to school as the school cannot be responsible for loss or damage to these items.  Children who bring special items for 'sharing' or 'speaking & listening' should give them to the class teacher for safe keeping.