Assessment & Reporting

All Saints promotes assessment and reporting processes that reflect the positive relationships and partnerships between teachers, children & families.


Assessment is an integrated part of the learning process and is based on sound educational thinking.  Teachers use a range of assessment processes to inform their teaching and learning program and to meet the needs of individual children.  These processes include summative tasks as well as peer & self assessment, anecdotal notes recorded by the teacher and digital means through film & photography.  The school uses the Australian Curriculum as the reference point in terms of accountability for measuring childrens' achievement.



Reporting is the process of sharing information and achievement regarding the children's progress and achievement.  At All Saints we believe each child must play an important role in the discussion about their learning.  As a result we offer two formal opportunities for Learning Conversations to occur.  These conversations are held between the teacher, child & parents/carers and focus on supporting the child to celebrate their learning achievements and to establish learning goals for the future.  Along with these formal opportunities we encourage families to regularly discuss their child's learning progress particularly where there are concerns throughout the year.

To make an appointment to meet with your child's teacher please call the front office or email the teacher directly.

The children receive written reports at the end of Semester 1 and Semester 2.  The children from Year 1-7 receive a graded report A-E in accordance with government regulations.  The children in Reception receive an alternative report to describe their learning progress.