Environmental Programs

All Saints Ecological Vision - a community of learners, called to be stewards of the Earth where ecological and ethical sustainable values are embedded in all programs and practices.

Ecological Education is a life-long process of recognizing values and clarifying concepts in order to develop skills and attitudes necessary to understand and appreciate the interrelatedness of all creation; to know of creation as a gift from God which requires equitable sharing and wise stewardship. It also entails discernment for living a life that is ecologically and ethically sustainable.

We are living at a very important moment in Earth's history. Today, our way of living often harms the environment and at All Saints, we believe it is important to teach students to respect and care for the Earth and all living things. We have programs that promote a learning environment that emphasizes a life long attitude and practices to encourage children to act with ecological integrity.

These programs include:

  • A focus on healthy eating and lifestyle
  • Nude Food - an emphasis on less packaging to reduce waste
  • Brain Food at 10 am each day where only fresh or whole foods are consumed (no packaged or processed items)
  • Bottles of water in the classroom for regular hydration
  • No school canteen to encourage families to choose healthy options for their children
  • Cooking program connecting with the produce garden
  • Composting
  • Reducing waste through paper collections and children taking their own food waste products home
  • Chicken coop
  • Water saving devices including self regulating taps and water tanks


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