Italian Program

Why learn a language?

In an increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse world, intercultural understanding through language learning is essential for our students to effectively participate in the workforce and society.

Recognising this, many Australian universities now allocate bonus points to students who successfully study LOTE subjects in Year 12:

  • Through learning LANGUAGE, we learn about culture.
  • Through learning about CULTURE, we learn respect for others.
  • Through learning RESPECT for others, we can hope for peace.

Why Italian?

Italian is an accessible language for young children to learn as it is phonetically based. Often the language is spoken and written exactly how it sounds. This greatly assists students, as they are able to sound out the language to develop proficiency in the spoken language.

In South Australia, Italian is the most commonly used language other than English. Students have the opportunity to continue with their learning of the Italian language, as many high schools (including Cardijn College) offer Italian within their curriculum.

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