Religious Education

The Religious Education curriculum follows the Crossways foundation document as a framework endorsed by Catholic Education South Australia (CESA).  Crossways supports the integration of faith, life and culture by providing a curriculum framework for the development of teaching and learning within the Key Learning Area of Religious Education.

Crossways grounds Religious Education within the broader evangelising mission of the Catholic school and draws from the Catholic Tradition to nurture a rich set of outcomes through supporting teachers in planning units of work.

There are four strands: praying, believing, celebrating and believing.  The key elements of the Religious Education curriculum include proclaiming the Gospel, witness, liturgy, catechesis, charity, justice and prayer.

The Religious Education curriculum provides the opportunity for students to be formed in the Catholic Tradition.

Made in the Image of God

Made in the Image of God (MITIOG) is a program that supports parents and carers in their role as educators.  It explores the beliefs that humans are made in God's image and likeness and have a vocation to love.  It follows a scope and sequence which is integrated with other learning areas.

MITIOG draws from four strands:

  • Being Human
  • Being Sexual
  • Being Connected
  • Being Moral

Specific information about teaching the Being Sexual strand is made available to parents and carers in Term 3.