Little Saints Playgroup

All Saints Catholic Primary School Community Playgroup is held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning during school time from 9.00am–10.30 am.

Latest news: In 2018, Playgroup will run on 4 days! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Playgroup is for children from birth to 5 years (or prior to starting school). It is not just fun for the children who have a great time and learn new things, but for parents and carers too.

Adults enjoy Playgroup because ...

  • they make new friends and meet new people
  • they share their problems and successes with others
  • they learn more about child development and new activity ideas for home
  • they are able to spend time playing with their child/ren
  • they have FUN!

Children enjoy Playgroup because ...

  • they gain new skills including problem-solving, co-operation and sharing
  • they make new friends, discover new things and have new experiences
  • they learn more about themselves and others through play
  • they interact with their parents/carers, other children and adults
  • they have FUN!

What to bring

  • A drink and healthy snack for brain food time.
  • A hat and sunscreen for outdoor play.


There is a small fee of $2.00 per family per session to cover resources. Tea and coffee is provided for Parents and Carers.

To speak to someone about attending Playgroup, please see the Front Office.