Little Saints Playgroup

All Saints Catholic Primary School Community Playgroup is held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning during school time from 9.00am–10.30 am.

Playgroup is for children from birth to 5 years (or prior to starting school). It is not just fun for the children who have a great time and learn new things but for parents and carers too:

Adults enjoy Playgroup because ...

  • they make new friends and meet new people
  • they share their problems and successes with others
  • they learn more about child development and new activity ideas for home
  • they are able to spend time playing with their child/ren
  • they have FUN!

Children enjoy Playgroup because ...

  • they gain new skills including problem-solving, co-operation and sharing
  • they make new friends, discover new things and have new experiences
  • they learn more about themselves and others through play
  • they interact with their parents/carers, other children and adults
  • they have FUN!

What to bring

  • A drink and healthy snack for brain food time.
  • A hat and sunscreen for outdoor play.


There is a resource fee of $2.00 per family per week. Tea and coffee is provided for Parents and Carers.

To speak to someone about attending Playgroup, please see the Front Office.