Parents & Friends

The Parents & Friends Association has an important role in the school. It is one of the ways we build true partnership with parents/carers in the school.

Once an enrolment has been offered and accepted, all parents and carers are considered members of the Parents and Friends of All Saints. A planning committee meets regularly during the term to support the school activities and organise events. Everyone is welcomed at these planning meetings however it is understood that this is not always convenient. Parents and carers will be invited to support the work of the P & F in at least one way during the school year.

The Association has a number of roles in the school, including community building, parent education, hospitality and supporting school events.

The committee meets approximately once a month. The Deputy Principal attends meetings of the committee. Each year the association liaises with Leadership to decide on specific projects in the school. The Association is responsible for the funds raised by the P & F school levy that each family is required to pay. Requests for funding of projects by the Association must be made in writing to the committee, through the Staff Representative. All requests must be discussed with the Principal first.