Physical Education & Sport Activities

All Saints has a proud tradition of involving children in a wide range of sport activities and physical education. There is an emphasis on both skill development and team sports.

The school is involved in both SACPSSA, South Australian Catholic Primary School Sport Association and SAPSASA, South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association carnivals. Both association's events are coordinated at All Saints by Jo Worrall and Leah Bellifemini.

The SACPSSA carnivals are designed for maximum participation of children which involves tryouts, training and teacher support at carnivals. All Saints has a strong commitment to these carnivals and encourages participation of children who would like to attend.

SAPSASA carnivals are designed for children with specific talents to have further opportunities to compete in sporting activities. These usually involve only Year 6 & 7 children who demonstrate advanced skills. The children often, but not always, have training at school but we ask families to transport and supervise the children. Teachers are not able to attend these carnivals and the children generally compete as individuals. *Please note - Cross Country is open for children in Years 4-7.


 SAPSASA sport nomination form 2018.pdf


Please visit the SACPSSA website for a full listing and overview of scheduled events, nomination deadlines and start times.


Please visit the SAPSASA website for relevant information and competition details.