School Board

The All Saints Catholic School Board facilitates the school policy and direction within the guidance of the Catholic Education Office. It comprises elected and appointed members and supports the effective partnership between parents, staff and students. It meets monthly and considers a broad range of policy, education, resource, infrastructure and spiritual issues.

Periodically, members also join sub-committees, meeting separately to ensure the effectiveness of the Board’s work. All Saints has a dynamic and visionary Leadership Team which compliments the Board in achieving the school’s goals and objectives.

The School Board’s vision is for All Saints to:

  • provide quality teaching and learning in a caring environment which espouses the Catholic ethos;
  • acknowledge differences in students’ needs and ensure programs provide for the specific learning needs of the Early, Primary and Middle years of learning
  • offer a wide range of academic, musical and sporting opportunities to support and prepare our students for participation as active citizens of the world.

The strength of the School Board has been its decisiveness in pursuing positive and continual improvement of the school and allocating the appropriate level of resources.

School Board 2018

Fr Josy Sebastian, President
Liz Keogh, Principal
Helen Thompson, Deputy Principal
Daniel Roberts, Staff Representative
Darryl Hill, Parent Representative
Damian Jones, Parent Representative
Kathy Penver, Parent Representative
Florin Barcan, Parent Representative
Aren Sears, Parent Representative
Rikkilee Amato, Parent Representative
Taryn Burdett, Parent Representative
Peter Good, Parish Representative