Health & Wellbeing


Children who need individual health care support from staff will need a health care plan from their doctor.  Any medication required to be administered during school hours must be handed to front office staff who will store it securely in a locked cabinet.  Medications are NOT to be kept by students in their school bags or on their person (except Asthma puffers & spacers which MUST be kept in the child's school bag for easy access).  More information regarding Asthma can be found on the Asthma Australia website.

Medication must be:

  • prescribed by a doctor.  This includes analgesics and other medication that can be bought over the counter.
  • only sent if needed.  Medication that has to be taken three times per day can be taken before and after school, and before bedtime, and not come to school at all.
  • delivered in the original container, with the label from the pharmacy.  You can ask your pharmacist for a second, labelled container to keep the extra medication at home.
  • within the use-by-date.
  • come with written instructions and/or doctor's medication plan.


Illnesses & Conditions

Head Lice

From time to time it is necessary to advise of the incidence of head lice in classes. Notes will go home with the children of that class if this is the case. We advise that regular checks and treatment, where necessary, are imperative in inhibiting the spread of head lice.

We urge you to follow the recommended procedures for treatment of head lice. Copies of information brochures on detection and treatment of head lice are available at the front office or click below to download a copy.

For further information please contact the City of Onkaparinga - Health on 8384 0628 or email


Healthy Focus on Food


At All Saints, we believe students need to develop lifelong healthy attitudes and practices. Our school does not provide a canteen therefore all food and beverages are to be provided by families. Drink taps are available for the children to use throughout the day and to refill their water bottles.

Brain Food

We know that our brains work best when it is nourished by good food and regular water intake so children are encouraged to bring a bottle of water from home to have in the classroom.

At 10 am each day the children have ‘Brain Food’ time where they are encouraged to have some healthy fresh food to eat at their desk. Children are not permitted to have food that is processed or packaged.

Nude Food

At All Saints we believe that God has called us to be stewards of the Earth.

We encourage 'Nude Food' which involves recess and lunch items without wrappers or plastic film. We ask our families to try to reduce waste products by recycling or reusing containers.

If children do have wrappers or waste products in their recess or lunch boxes then this waste goes home for families to dispose of. In this way we are all working together to care for our world.

School Counsellor

Life is very hectic for families in todays world, it seems everyone is busier than ever.  All families experience periods of trauma or hardship.  We kow this can affect the children at school and often manifests itself through inattention, poor results and even inappropriate behaviours.

Our School Counsellor, Sue Johnson comes to All Saints each Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  Sue's role is to support children & families when difficulties arise.  Sometimes she will support children individually or in small groups and can provide important links to community services for parents & carers.

Children from years 4-7 can self refer to see our counsellor while the younger children require permission from their families.


Research has shown that regular attendance and being punctual for school assists children in achieving success in their learning.  We ask that parents and carers support us by ensuring children are at school on time.  It is preferable that children be at school by 8:45am with lessons beginning at 8:55am.  Children who arrive after 8:55am are required to collect a late slip from the front office to present to the class teacher.

When children are absent, parents and carers are required to contact the school to report the reason for the absence.  This must be followed up by a written note to the class teacher.  Attendance records are a legal requirement for the school.


Centacare is the official community service agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide.