All Saints Parents & Friends (P&F)

Parent & Community Participation

Your family automatically becomes part of the All Saints Parents & Friends group upon enrolment and is warmly invited to participate in the various events and projects that occur throughout the year.

All enrolling parents and extended family are welcome to attend the All Saints Parents & Friends meetings and are supported to become Registered Volunteers. Your time, ideas and energy are valued contributions to the life of All Saints.

Getting Involved

Getting involved is easy. We will support you to become a Registered Volunteer and obtain a Catholic Police Clearance.

We appreciate any time that you can give for...

Helping in the classrooms
Supporting excursions
Attending School Camps
Assisting with events on Sports Day
Coaching an Out of School Hours Sports team
Volunteering to coordinate Special Lunches, Discos etc...

For more information, see the Front Office staff.


Catholic School Parents South Australia

The newly formed Catholic School Parents of South Australia (CSPSA) organisation aims to promote and support parents and families by providing a voice for education and issues which affect their children.

Catholic School Parents South Australia