Catholic Education South Australia


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Focus on 5 Baker


5 Baker have made a fantastic start to the year, settling in to new routines and building positive relationships with each other. The children have enjoyed learning some new games and getting to know one another and their new teacher, Mrs Baker. We had a great time learning about character strengths and were particularly interested in finding out what others thought were our strongest characteristics. It is wonderful to know that there are many kind, enthusiastic, adventurous, resilient, courageous and humorous children in our class which add to the vibrant community which is 5B.

This week we have focussed on developing strong routines and classroom expectations. The children co-constructed a classroom agreement around being safe, being respectful and being learners. We even took some photos of our class modelling each of the statements on our agreement. Everyone really enjoyed being creative with this activity. Now that we have spent time laying a strong foundation, we can really begin to dive into some exciting and challenging learning. 

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