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The beginning...

All Saints Catholic Primary School welcomed its first students in February of 1994. This group of less than 100 pioneer students and families gathered together to develop our identity and cemented our personality as an inspired Catholic learning community when the school logo was designed, in 1996. As the school grew with more and more families, together with parishioners from the Seaford Ecumenical Mission and school leadership, we selected elements that we felt identified All Saints and would be a unique symbol of who we are.

  • The flame – chosen for its representation of the local Kaurna dreaming, Tjilbruke (meaning Hidden Fire), as well as for signifying the Spirit of God among our school community.
  • The cross – chosen as a sign of Christ in our community. Ours is also an open ended cross to symbolise an open community with no boundaries—a representation of our connection with the Seaford Ecumenical Mission.
  • The water – chosen to symbolise Baptism, a sacrament which unites each Christian denomination present at the Seaford Ecumenical Centre (SEM). The water imagery also speaks of the school’s proximity to the sea and beaches.

The colours of the uniform the children are very proud to wear, were carried through to the logo as they represented the surrounding hills and sea.

Building a school
Mackillop building.jpg


This early, but important realisation of who we were, laid the ground work for what is now a thriving community of around 510 children and the community that they bring.

Following the Stage 1 build, came 4 more stages including a two storey building complete with an education kitchen.

In 2010 as part of the Federal Government's “Building The Education Revolution”, a new Multipurpose Hall was built and the we established our vegetable garden.

As our school grew, facilities were developed to provide open and supportive learning spaces. To cater for this growth, in 2016, six transportable buildings were re-situated to make room for a two storey, 6 classroom building, complete with meeting rooms and extra toilets. This building, called MacKillop, also provides expansive verandahs for outside learning and play.

Part of this project also included an upgraded Kiss and Drop Loop and a covered walkway connecting the original part of the school with the northern transportable village and the Multipurpose Hall.

Our beautiful Adventure Playground, was completed in 2018 . This new playground will allow children to develop gross motor skills and connect with natural materials during play. 

The Present...

The expansion and remodeling of the Administration building was recently completed increasing space and functionality. We hope you've had the chance to visit the new Reception/Front Entrance to the school!
Our current project is the transformation of the Student Toilets starting with the Reception/Year 1 area. This will be immediately followed by the Year 5/6 toilets at the opposite end of the building.
With plans for more redevelopment, the future of All Saints looks exciting!