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"Our Earth needs constant concern and attention. Each of us has a personal responsibility to care for creation, this precious gift which God has entrusted to us." Pope Francis

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Ecological Education

All Saints' ecological vision is to nurture a community of learners, called to be stewards of the Earth where ecological and ethical sustainable values are embedded in all programs and practices.

Ecological Education is a life-long process and the children at All Saints are encouraged to develop values, skills and attitudes necessary to understand and appreciate the interrelatedness of all of God’s creation.

We are living at a very important moment in Earth's history. Today, our way of living often harms the environment and at All Saints, we believe it is important to teach children to respect and care for the Earth and all living things.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Every child is immersed in a learning environment which encourages a life long attitude that supports ecological integrity.

Our Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden supports key learning about healthy eating and sustainability and allows the children to prepare healthy meals from 'home grown' herbs and vegetables and preserve surplus harvests.


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Reducing Waste

We support the Nude Food philosophy which encourages families to reduce waste with an emphasis on less packaging. Food scraps are also collected from classrooms to feed our chickens.

Reducing Waste
Water Management
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Water Management

Rainwater harvesting takes place in our school in a number of areas including the newly completed MacKillop building. Rainwater is directed from the roof into a 100,000 litre tank which services the toilets on the ground floor of the building. The water supply for our vegetable gardens is also from this tank.

The Junior Primary toilets are also serviced by a rainwater tank on the northern side of the Reception classes in the Bosco building.

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Solar Powered

The roof of the Assisi building is covered in 50 solar panels. All Saints took this practical action of installing a solar power system to reduce both our electricity bills and our emissions. Harnessing the sun's energy provides teaching points for students learning about renewables, whilst supporting our call to be 'Stewards of the Earth'. 

Solar Powered