Academic Development

Supported by the All Saints Learning Principles our intention is to enrich and deepen the teaching and learning of your child at All Saints.

We do this in a number of ways:

The indoor and outdoor environments are designed to create spaces for learning that promotes curiosity and questions.

The layout of the learning spaces value the building of relationships and promotes exploration and discovery in the process of learning.

Play in the early years is a valued part of the learning program along with the explicit teaching of numeracy and literacy. The teachers work with the children to create learning experiences that promote curiosity, imagination, problem solving, creativity and that celebrates difference.

Listening to children’s theories enables the possibility to discover how children think, question and make sense of the world around them.

The school also uses the literacy intervention programs of MiniLit and MacqLit.

These are well researched intervention programs for students who haven't quite grasped all the aspects of reading. We offer in school support to students in intensive small group sessions run by a trained tutor. MiniLit is offered to students in Rec-Year 2 while MacqLit is for students in Year 3+.