Extra Curricular


Instrumental Music

Music inspires creativity, engages children and supports the development of life long skills and attitudes towards learning.  Whilst Music lessons are delivered by our dedicated Music teacher, following the Australian Curriculum, your child will also have the opportunity to take their music knowledge beyond the classroom. 

Learning to play an instrument supports other areas of education, by encouraging self-discipline and commitment, building confidence and improving social skills. We have a range of Instrumental instructors who visit All Saints and teach the following instruments:

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone & Drums

Contact details are available for these instructors, from the front office. Please note that fees and times are set by the individual instructors and are not organised by the school.

Instrumental Music


Your child will have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of sport activities and physical education. Physical Education lessons are delivered by our Specialist Sports Teacher to all children at All Saints as part of the curriculum, focusing on both skill development and team sports.

All Saints is also traditionally well represented at both SACPSSA, South Australian Catholic Primary School Sport Association and SAPSASA, South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association carnivals with our teams consistently returning to school as Age or Tournament Champions!

In addition to this, All Saints fields teams in a range of Out of School Hours sports, which are played on week nights or Saturday mornings, including Soccer, Netball and Basketball. These teams rely on volunteer support.